Not even home for an hour and dads already made me a grilled cheese and I’m covered in cat hair. Life is great.

Mom figured out how to make me like alcohol; add orange juice.

May or may not be happy crying in the airport because IM HOME

Crying because two hour delay due to lightning and now another 30 minute delay on the runway because shocker, more lightning.

The infants have started crying in unison. This is my hell

Ahahaha. The entire airport is shutdown. Nope. Nope nope nope. Fuck this.

Stuck on the runway because of a lightning storm and the small child next to me says “pretend you have a broken eagle”

Child. How broken are we talking? Like, broken emotionally? Physically? Explain yourself.

Shoutout to Snapback Boy for his ironic hat which just says “shirts”…

Definitely thought I was flying through Chicago but I’m in Atlanta now? Good lord I’m confused.